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CCRG's Community Service Scrapbook

Photographs from community events and service projects around Athens. Browse the album to see how CCRG gives back to their community.

Hustling for CCRG: Fundraising

An album of photographs from fundraising events, parties, and percentage nights hosted by the Classic City Rollergirls.                    

Headshots, League and Team Photographs

Browse a collection of official and unofficial team photographs, after-bout group shots, and headshots of the Classic City Rollergirls.

Action Shots and Bout Photographs

Hard hits and fast feet: Shots of the Classic City Rollergirls in action on the track and during bouts.                                                                                   

Let the Good Times Roll: Afterparties

Photographic evidence that the Classic City Rollergirls know how to "win" an afterparty. CCRG aren't just killers on the track, they know how to karaoke and cut a rug. 

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