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Oral history interviews are great opportunities for CCRG league members to share their stories, experiences and insights about the Classic City Rollergirls and the sport of roller derby in general. Rather than an following a standard questionaire, each interview is a dialog between the narrator and the interviewer and is based on the narrator's unique experience with CCRG. Would you like to be interviewed for the project? Get in touch.

Leche Ga Ga

Leche Ga Ga joined the Classic City Rollergirls in 2010. She served as league president during the 2019 season. 



Danni Doom

Danni Doom started skating with the Classic City Rollergirls in 2011. She left for Nashville in 2012 where she skated for the Nashville Rollergirls for several seasons, and then moved back to Atlanta and skated with the Atlanta Rollergirls. She rejoined CCRG as a skater in 2018.


Elizabeth Impaler

Elizabeth Impaler is an OG - she skated with the league from its earliest days in 2006, but left after the first season to go back to school. After completing her degree, she returned to CCRG in 2012 and has been skating ever since.


Harm N' Killabrew

Harm N' Killabrew is a CCRG referree and husband to former skater Poke A. Dot. He has been volunteering and refereeing with the league since 2010. He is a former head referee for CCRG and a former skater with the Atlanta Mens Roller Derby. 


Kill Easy

Kill Easy is a skater for the Classic City Rollergirls and joined the league in 2013. She was president of the league from 2015-2016.


Mosh-ya Brady

Mosh-ya Brady started with CCRG in the beginning of 2008. She skated with the league for several years before transferring to the Atlanta Rollergirls in 2013. After her retirement from Atlanta, she returned to CCRG for the 2018 season.



 Nell Bomb

Nell Bomb is an OG - she joined the league during the summer of 2006. Nell skated for many years, coached several seasons and now referees for the league. She is the only OG who has been with CCRG continuously since its founding. 


Poke A. Dot

Poke A. Dot is an OG - She joined the league during the summer of 2006 and was one of the original LLC members. Poke was president of the league from 2009-2010. She retired as a skater in 2014, was a non-skating official until 2016 and retired from the league in 2017. 


Rudy Huxtabrawl

Rudy Huxtabrawl is an OG - She joined the league during the summer of 2006. She left CCRG to play with the Atlanta Rollergirls in 2011, where she competed for several seasons until her retirement in 2017. She reurned to CCRG as coach for the 2018 season. 


Sweet Willie T

Sweet Willie T is one of the Classic City Rollergirls announcers. He joined the league at the opening season of 2008 and now regularly announces for CCRG and the Atlanta Rollergirls. 


The Uncivil Warrior

The Uncivil Warrior joined CCRG in the spring of 2015. She is the fundraising HOS and competes with the CCRG Bad News B's.