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Derby's Third Wave: A Prequel to CCRG

Brush up on the history of Roller Derby and its many forms: from the beginnings of the "Transcontinental Roller Derby" in the 1930s, to the wrestlemania-esque sport of spectacle in the 80s, to its rebirth in the 21st century as a sport rooted in the third-wave feminist movement.

 DIY Derby: The Birth of the Classic City Rollergirls

In 2006, a trio of friends from Athens, Georgia, decided their hometown needed a women's roller derby league. From there, a group of women (and a few men) took on this labor of love. Explore the history of the creation of the Athens Roller Derby, now known as the Classic City Rollergirls. 

 Growing Up: CCRG Becomes an Athens Staple

 2008-2012 were years full of loss, growth and change for CCRG. The league went through multiple leadership changes, applied to become a part of the WFTDA, moved to the Athens Arena, formed the Bad News B's B-Team and started the now-annual tradition of the Green Vs. Black Interleague bouts. 

 A Part of Athens: CCRG and Community Engagement

Since 2006, one of the Classic City Rollergirls' core values has been giving back to the Athens community. Browse a scrapbook of outreach projects that CCRG has participated in. 

 Riding the Fourth Wave: From Subculture to International Sport

Coming soon!