The Uncivil Warrior

CCRG Skater, Bad News B, Sponsorship HOS


Uncivil Warrior explains how she came to live in Athens, Georgia and started to pursue her PhD in 2008 at the University of Georgia. Uncivil Warrior explains how she rekindled a love of roller skating by going to the skating rink with her daughter and how her derby wife, Kara Whack, encouraged her to go to a CCRG bootcamp in May, 2015.

She discusses how she’s not interested in moving up to the A-Team. For her, the B-team offers her a chance to be competitive while still maintaining a busy home life and career without the stress of having to compete at the highest level and travel. She also discusses how she feels that CCRG has changed to be more welcoming to skaters who do not want to compete at a top-tier level.

Uncivil discusses how she encouraged the league to restructure its skating levels and scrimmage levels in order to keep skaters from getting moved up into competitive levels above their abilities and levels of commitment. She discusses the structure of bootcamps and assessments and how the structure has subsequently changed, allowing for skaters to move up more slowly which results in better skater retention. Civil also talks about changing attitudes of the team as a whole. Practices have also been restructured to encourage new skaters to build strength and improve their skills at a more moderate pace.

Uncivil talks about the grievance committee and how she made use of the system in order to voice her concerns about issues within the league, and how the league positively responded to fix issues. New blood in the league refreshed the leadership and the board. She talks about some changes that the current president, Kara Whack, has implemented.

She talks about the goals of the B-Team, how skaters who are on the team are more motivated to have fun and be relaxed, where the A-Team is very focused and serious on moving up in rankings. She is also aware how the B-team is a stepping stone for many skaters who eventually will move to the A-Team when they improve, but Uncivil is happy to stay on the B-Team. She considers her role on the B-Team as a motherly and nurturing position, because she wants to help her teammates who are motivated to move to the A-Team improve their skills. She talks about the age differences between her and some of the younger skaters on the team.

Uncivil talks about her role as sponsorship HOS and how the league raises funds by getting support from Athens businesses.  

The Uncivil Warrior