Sweet Willie T

CCRG's WFTDA-Certified Announcer


Sweet Willie T Talks about how he became one of the first announcers for CCRG, starting with his experiences watching the Cincinnati Rollergirls during the early beginnings of roller derby in 2005.

When he and his wife, Kasey, moved to Athens, Georgia, Kasey wanted to skate with CCRG but then decided to go to vet school. Instead, Willie ended up getting recruited by Poke A. Dot to be CCRG’s announcer during a pie eating contest (he won the pie eating contest). Willie, who had no prior experience announcing, describes how he watched youtube videos and joined announcer groups in order to learn how to do his new job.

Willie’s first season with CCRG was 2008 with his co-announcer, Matt Z (Shanimal’s husband).  Willie addresses his eventual dropping of the “bag” from his derby name, “Sweet Willie T-Bag,” in order to be more professional and family-friendly once he began announcing WFTDA televised bouts. Willie describes how he and his wife Kasey cultivated his derby “image” which was modeled after Herb Tarlek by shopping for gaudy vintage 70s suits, wearing a wig and dying his handlebar mustache. He also talks about his son, “Mighty Max,” who sometimes dressed up like his dad and got on the microphone.  

Willie talks about how he began announcing for the Atlanta Rollergirls after he travelled with CCRG to their first bout in Atlanta. It was only the second bout he had announced, but he did such a good job announcing (and a better job than Atlanta’s announcers, two local celebrities) that the Atlanta Rollergirls invited him back to announce for them for the 2009 season. 

Willie discusses announcing with his current co-announcer, Brent Muffburger, Tre Booshay’s husband, and the league’s transition from Skate Around U.S.A. to the Athens Arena.