Rudy Huxtabrawl

OG Skater, Former Atlanta Rollergirl, Coach


Rudy is an OG, she joined the league in August 2006, she was recruited by Elizabeth Impaler. She describes how Zombrella had started the league with Sarcastro and decided to start the league in Athens after seeing the Atlanta Rollergirls play. Zombrella built a relationship with the Atlanta Rollergirls to get guidance on how to build the league. Rudy discusses trying to balance the competitive nature of Derby and the DIY nature of the sport.

She talks about some of the earliest league meetings, establishing committees, the structure of leadership and assigned workloads. Rudy was the first HOS of the recruitment committee, as well as how the league was split into the Dames of Maim and Hittin’ Misses. Rudy also talks about one of CCRG’s early coaches, Johnny Knoxville.

Rudy talks a little bit about derby’s changes over time, how the sport has moved away from skate personas, fishnets and showmanship toward professionalism and athleticism.

Rudy talks about leaving Athens for the Atlanta Rollergirls. Derby became less of a hobby and more of a sport that players were taking seriously, and CCRG followed this trend. She also talks about Atlanta’s influence on CCRG and how CCRG pushed to be independent and different from Atlanta, as well as how Atlanta began actively scouting from local teams, including CCRG.

Rudy discusses her transfer to Atlanta in 2011 and why she chose to leave amid the turmoil and growing pains that CCRG was experiencing at the time. She briefly discusses her experiences with the Atlanta Rollergirls, and her retirement from skating.

Rudy talks about CCRG’s first bout against Atlanta’s Toxic Shocks. In 2017, Rudy returned to CCRG as an active retiree, and was asked to coach the league for the start of the 2018 season.