Nell Bomb

OG Skater, former LLC Member, WFTDA Representitive and Referee


Nell discusses her involvement with CCRG from its beginning in 2006. Nell joined after the first fundraiser in July. She describes the original structure of the league, the formation of committees and the business structure, writing the handbook, and the creation of the LLC in the fall of 2006. Nell notes that the Atlanta Rollergirls provided a lot of guidance on the creation of CCRG’s infrastructure. She was the first league treasurer, and she took the place of Myrtle Kombat when she left the LLC.

Nell discusses early fundraising efforts. She also discusses membership losses in 2010 and the need to establish term limits for the president and board of directors.

Nell explains how the interleague teams, the Dames of Maim and Hittin’ Misses were created and divided up (she notes that the Misses always needed substitute players). Captains were elected and then divided the league into two teams. She talks about the first interleague bout, and then the first away bout in Savannah. 

Nell recalls CCRG’s first coaches, and also discussed that she bench coached the league in 2010 during her pregnancy.

Recounting early changes in the league, she notes improvements in organizations and requiring skaters to join committees, rewriting policies and restructuring the league as it grew, improvements in coaching, and the increase in practice hours in 2008. She also recounts the LLC changing hands. When all three of the LLC owners left the league in 2010, the league moved to incorporate (which is the first part of moving toward its 501c3 status). She discusses losses of skaters increasing by the 2009 season and the league reducing itself to an All-Star team and discontinuing interleague teams and the adoption of the bootcamp system.

Nell discusses the league’s decision to move toward a WFTDA apprenticeship in 2010 and the steps that go into the application. At the time of the vote to apply for a WFTDA apprenticeship, many league members were uncertain if the league was ready for the process, but the majority voted in favor. Nell helped write the by-laws for the league, one of the requirements of the apprenticeship. The league’s application was accepted and CCRG began their WFTDA apprenticeship. Nell recalls the league’s moving through the apprenticeship system. In 2011, the league forms the B-team, the Bad News B’s.

Nell retired from skating as a player in 2012 after receiving her second concussion, but her retirement didn’t last; She came almost immediately returned as a bench coach, but then moved into refereeing in 2014. When the league received full WFTDA status, Nell became one of the league’s WFTDA representatives and has maintained that role, as well as having various volunteer WFTDA jobs.