Mosh-ya Brady

Former and curent CCRG Skater, Former Atlanta Rollergirl, Former Co-Captain


Mosh discusses how her friendship with Push-Up Brawl lead her to CCRG, but when she went to the first bouts she was too young to join the league (skaters were required to be 18 years old). She was eligible by the 2008 season and joined the league then. Mosh had played rugby in high school and she wanted to play another full contact sport.

Mosh remembers her experiences in one of the earliest CCRG bootcamps and learning how to skate and play. She recalls Johnny Knoxville and Brian as coaches during her early years, and Princess who followed as a coach when CCRG was actively searching for a coach for the 2010 season. Princess did not complete the 2010 season, as she was removed by the league. Orville Red’n’Blocker coached Mosh during her last season with CCRG before she left for the Atlanta Rollergirls. Rudy Huxtabrawl has returned to CCRG with Mosh as a coach for the 2018 season.

Mosh talks about her responsibilities on the fundraising committee and her role as a fundraising HOS. She was responsible for putting on several large fundraising events during 2011-2012. She recalls the 80s Prom fundraiser she put on and how she got Gentleman Zero, a cover band from Birmingham who played a Birmingham after party, to drive to Athens free of charge.Mosh recalls CCRG’s “butt sponsors.” She also discusses the WFTDA apprenticeship period and how some skaters were opposed to the apprenticeship process because they were unsure if the league could handle the extra work. Mosh discusses bout proceeds going to charities and the Outreach HOS coordinating charitable proceeds and volunteering league time.

Mosh briefly discusses CCRG’s purchasing of the sport court for use in the Athens Arena and the Classic Center and the process that is involved with setting up the sport court. She also discusses the negotiations to move the league’s bouts to the Classic Center and the significance of moving from the Arena to the Classic Center. She also talks about CCRG’s move back to the Athens Arena for the 2018 season.

Mosh transferred to the Atlanta Rollergirls and skated with Atlanta for several seasons, but she returned for the 2018 season after a short retirement from Atlanta.