Leche Ga Ga

CCRG skater, former League President


*the first 15 minutes of this interview were lost due to a corrupt file. The interview picks up after the interviewer realized the audio recorder had stopped functioning. 

Leche Ga Ga is a local from Athens, Georgia. She joined the Classic City Rollergirls in 2010 after being recruited by another skater during an open skate night at Skate Around USA. In this interview, she discusses her changing relationship with derby over the years, her daughters' experience with junior derby, and her many responsibilities within the league. She also discusses her career as a lactation consultant. Throughout the interview, Leche focuses on her goal of empowering women, both in her career and through derby. 

In 2015, Leche Ga Ga was diagnosed with breast cancer. She discusses the impact of cancer on her life and roller derby. 

This interview was recorded four months before Leche's death in August, 2021. Fuck cancer. 

Leche Ga Ga