Kill Easy

President, Board Member, WFTDA Rep, Skater


Kill Easy was the league president from 2015-2016. Kill discusses how she joined the Classic City Rollergirls in 2013 after graduating from the University of Georgia and starting her career in Athens.  She wanted to play derby while she was in school, but the time commitment and cost kept her from joining the league until after she completed school. She met rollergirls, including Tenderizeher at a networking event in 2012, where she was encouraged to join the league. Kill discusses how she did not consider herself an athlete before joining the league. She broke her elbow while skating in preparation for the January, 2013 bootcamp and had to wait until the spring bootcamp to tryout with the league, but her persistence paid off. She has played with CCRG ever since and skates with the CCRG All-Stars.

Kill describes her experiences at bootcamp and how veterans help new skaters and how her competitive nature drove her to push through bootcamp. She describes the process of new skaters being assessed at the end of the three-day bootcamp and what assessments consist of. The first bout she competed in was the 2014 Green Vs. Black bout. She describes the purpose of the Green Vs. Black bout: They are a chance for the league to debut new skaters to family and friends and to showcase transfers and up-and-coming skaters.

Kill talks about the history of the league’s coaches since 2013. Coaches are elected by the league and serve for one year.

Kill discusses the process of CCRG becoming a 501(c)(3) and how the league evolved from an LLC to a corporation to a non-profit. The league incorporated in 2011 and became the Classic City Rollergirls, Inc. and then began working toward becoming a non-profit. Unfortunately the league was originally denied their non-profit status. The league obtained non-profit status at the end of 2016. She also describes the benefits of being a non-profit organization.

Kill describes the league structure, including the Board of Directors positions and the HOS and their committees that fall under each position. Board of Directors positions include the President, Business V.P., Bouts V.P., Media V.P., Games V.P., and treasurer (a non-voting member). She also discusses the history of CCRG’s outreach and volunteer activities and how bout charities are selected, as well as the importance of giving back to the Athens community. Kill discusses her responsibilities as a former WFTDA representitive.

One of Kill’s derby wives, Rumbalina, later joins Kill for a drink and the two discuss some of the changes in roller derby over the years.