Harm N' Killabrew

WFTDA Referee, Former Atlanta Men’s Rollerderby Skater


Harm N' Killabrew discusses his experiences with the Classic City Rollergirls. While his wife, Poke A. Dot, joined the league several years prior, Harm began volunteering with the league in various roles in 2009. He became a skating official in 2011. He discusses how CCRG’s head referee, Sarcastro, was very protective over allowing his refs to officiate bouts before they were prepared and had enough training. Kill refereed his first bout in 2011.

Harm briefly explains the referee positions and their responsibilities during the bout, as well as describing the evaluation processes for referees in order to become a certified WFTDA referee and move up within WFTDA referee levels - referees must meet certain requirements and referee a certain number of types of bouts to advance through the levels of certification. He also discusses CCRG’s relationship with its referees. Harm is currently a certified level 4 WFTDA referee, and explains his experience with applying to move up through the levels.

Harm discusses how the rules and the formatting of the rulebook has changed since he started refereeing in 2011. He also talks about his experience with skating on the Atlanta Men’s Rollerderby team, and AMRD’s good relationship with CCRG.

[Poke and Harm’s dog, Floppy, makes his debut on tape during the interview]