Elizabeth Impaler

OG Skater, Fundraising HOS, Team Captain


Elizabeth Impaler details the league’s goals in the beginning were just to bring Athens women together, she describes how the league was run and managed by the skaters. She says she and the other skaters did not anticipate the league to grow and the sport to explode the way it has over the pas 12 years.  

Impaler talks about the setup for the first bout at Skate Around U.S.A. and her responsibilities as one of the first fundraising HOS. Shortly after the start of the first season, Impaler left the league to go back to school, but she returned for the beginning of the 2010 season. She describes some of the changes in the league after her return. She describes CCRG losing a large number of skaters to the Atlanta Rollergirls shortly after her return, she became captain around the 2010 season because she was, at that point, one of the more experienced skaters.

Impaler discusses CCRG’s coaching issues around the 2010-11 seasons. When the league requested their coach leave her position, Impaler and Mosh-ya had to coach the team until Ferris Fair became the league’s coach. CCRG decided to revamp the league’s policy on the coaching position, and coaches are now elected annually.

Impaler talks about the WFTDA apprenticeship process and how the league decided they wanted to move forward with the application during the 2010 season. CCRG had to shadow WFTDA leagues, execute full WFTDA bouts, and get letters of recommendation. Elizabeth also talks about the process to get the league moved to the Athens Arena, as well as the evolution of CCRG’s fundraising process over time.