Danni Doom

Former and current CCRG skater, former Nashivllle and Atlanta Rollergirl


Danni, a native of Athens, Georgia, began skating with CCRG in 2011. Danni, who has a history of playing competitive sports in high school, discusses how she heard about CCRG by meeting Mosh-ya Brady through a friend. In her interview, Danni talks about her first memories of attending practice with a group of new skaters and her process of learning how to roller skate, as well as her relationship with her “big sister,” Poke A. Dot and the responsibilities of being a big sister herself with CCRG.

Within her first season with CCRG, Danni Doom moved to Nashville, TN, where she joined the Nashville Rollergirls and played for three and a half years. She then moved back to Athens. Once back in Athens, Danni began carpooling with several Atlanta skaters who commuted from Athens. She tried out for the Atlanta Rollergirls’ Rumble B’s team, which she made, but then broke her leg while park skating.

Danni also talks about her experiences with aggressive inline skating while in Nashville. After her broken leg healed, Danni skated with the Rumble B’s in a Texas B-team tournament and then tried out again for Atlanta’s Dirty South Derby Girls team (Atlanta’s travel A-Team), which she didn’t make. Danni then decided to focus on her career, so she took a season off of Derby. When she returned, she went back to Classic City. Danni talks about how important exercise is for her mental health and how she uses derby to fulfill her love for being active.

Danni Doom talks about CCRG’s involvement in the community. In all the leagues she’s been a part of, skaters who want to roster for bouts are required to participate in community outreach events, and how she feels like CCRG helps fosters skater’s abilities to give back to the Athens community in ways that they didn’t know they could. She also talks about how derby has evolved from kitschy to athletic. She talks about picking her skate name and how it’s just “hard enough” for her tastes, and how fans will cheer “Dooooooom” for her. Danni talks about how CCRG satisfies her need to release stress as well as her social needs.