Trophy Case

Louis Strongarm with the Parthenos, 2015

CCRG Champions

Awards are a derby tradition: since 2007, CCRG has been giving annual awards at the end-of-season party, which are voted on by the skaters. Bout awards have also become popular in derby. These awards are typically hand-made and created by skaters. At the end of the bout, the two opposing teams vote to select their opponent's best skaters.

The Parthenos Trophy

Since 2013, CCRG has kicked off their season with a special interleague bout. The league is divided equally based on skater ability into two teams: Team Green and Team Black. This is an opportunity for the league to showcase new bout-eligibile skaters and for the league to cut loose on the track and have fun with each other. Power couples are divided. Derby wives are split up. The winning team's captain of the Green vs. Black bout takes home the Parthenos Trophy, which she will keep in her possession for one year, until it's time for Green and Black to meet again on the track.