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Browse a small collection of posters advertising CCRG fundraisers. CCRG has been putting on fundraisers since their inception in 2006. CCRG's fundraisers have evolved over the years from yard sales and bake sales to dance and karaoke parties to percentage nights at local businesses. 


"Be Somebody! Be A Rollergirl!" Browse a small collection of posters advertising CCRG bootcamps. Bootcamps are a CCRG tradition since 2008. At bootcamps, wannabe rollergirls have the opportunity to learn how to skate and learn how to play derby. All interested skaters are welcome, regardless of skill level. 


Browse the small collection of outreach fliers and programs. CCRG has been volunteering at Athens community events since 2006 such as Habitat for Humanity builds, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, The Twilight Bike Race, the annual Holiday Parade -- and so much more!