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Bout Programs

Browse the collection of CCRG bout programs from both home and away bouts. All programs have been completely scanned as PDFs. Click on a program's cover to view the item, then click on the full-sized image to open it as a PDF.

Bout Posters

Browse the collection of CCRG bout posters. Most of the posters in the collection are from home bouts. Explore the changes in style of CCRG's bout posters through time.

Season Schedules

Browse the small collection of season schedules. Season schedules are a way for CCRG to advertise their playing season to local fans. Season schedules are sometimes inaccurate as more bouts get added to the season at the last minute, or as bouts are cancelled. 

Bout Data

Browse a complete event record of all of the bouts CCRG has competed in since 2007. Each event includes data such as: scores, teams, location, bout's charity, after party. Each event includes a link to its poster and program, if available.