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The CCRG Roll-Back was created in 2018 to establish a digital home for the history of the Classic City Rollergirls of Athens, Georgia.

Special thanks to: The Classic City Rollergirls, referees, NSOs and volunteers, past and present, for their commitment to women-built, owned and empowered roller derby. Thanks must also be extended to: Zombrella, for her brilliant idea that has meant so much to so many Athens women; Poke A. Dot, for guidance, answering technical questions, food, drink and a place to crash; Nell Bomb, for digging through ancient files and eagerly uploading them; Kill Easy, for extending the olive branch and introducing me to so many new skaters; The 2018 Board for their excitement, willingness to help, and allowing access to restricted areas; and all of those who volunteered their time for oral history interviews and trusted me to digitize their mementos (there are too many of these generous souls to name). 

Derby Wives Wretched Gretchen and Dirty Hippie, 2010

CCRG's league history was written using primary sources. CCRG provided  access to restricted materials, which included the CCRG forums and the CCRG business wiki. Additional primary sources included personal email and verbal correspondence with past and current members, data from bout programming, and oral history interviews. 

The Roll-Back's first curator, Pam Enlow DeVore (once known as Dirty Hippie) was a founding member of the Classic City Rollergirls. She waged war on wheels from 2006 to 2008 and returned for the 2010 season before leaving Athens for a career in archaeology. This project was lovingly undertaken for her thesis project during her last semester in the Heritage Preservation program at Georgia State University. She will receive her MHP in May, 2018.